Monday, May 31, 2010

A Look Back at 2009

Well, it's been a while but things are busy when chasing after a toddler. Time passes so quickly and Mavrik is a full-on little boy now! He'll be 2 this year and is Mr. Independent. I was wondering how this happened so fast and got to looking back at pictures from last year. So, below is our 2009 year in review.

We didn't travel to exotic lands or stay out late with friends until the wee hours of the morning like 2008, but our lives were filled with so much meaning and joy. Rob and I entered the next phase of our marriage together as parents and we learn something new everyday and how to truly work as a team. Mav is our world and we are so blessed with everything we have, especially each other.

In 2009, we had lots of firsts as a family - First Easter, First Vacation, First Swim, First Pro Games..etc. Rob and I took a trip to Singapore together for a week and revisited our previous life which is a world away, both figuratively and literally.

So this slide show is a look back at our 2009. I will try to post a look back at 2010 sooner than 6 months into the following year.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cousin Ranson's Football Game

On Halloween Day we got to see Ranson play football against the La Porte Texans. The game was fun and the weather could not have been better. Mav had a great time with his Aunt JJ.

Check Ingram out.

I love my Aunt JJ and her hair!

Happy Halloween!

Mav had a Halloween full of candy and decorations!

Getting read for trick-or-treating.

Meeting up with his little buddy across the street.

Our spooky house! Rob had it all set up with cobwebs and skulls that have glowing eyes. He even set up music to set the scene. We had little trick-or-treaters telling us our house was scary!

On his way to get some candy!

Enough trick-or-treating mom, I want some candy!

I like Almond Joy - just like Grannie!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yippie Yi Yay - Mavrik's ONE!

I can't believe it - a year has already gone by! How did this happen so fast? Mavrik turned one on Sept 24th and I am still trying to comprehend that!

On the day of his birthday, Rob and I took the day off and headed to the Children's Museum. Mav LOVED it!

He had a great time with Mommy and Daddy and founds lots of things to play with!

Then it was time for his big party the following Saturday! Cowboy Mavrik had lots of other buckaroos join his party! There were about 25 kids and just as many adults! It was a great time at the Stomping Grounds Playland - lots of space for everyone to run around and play. Mav enjoyed his party and thank you all for his wonderful gifts!

Here is his smash cake - courtesy of Jen - isn't she talented?

Time for the big moment!

What is this??


What are you doing Cousin Will?

Being ONE is FUN